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Mom to Self-Made Mom

3 Day Challenge  

Join us for this 3 Day Challenge that will completely transform your business.
Are YOU ready to create MASSIVE MOMENTUM?!?

Stop struggling to make the money you deserve!

What You'll Discover During This

3-Day Mom to Self-Made Mom:

  • The one question you MUST ask yourself before you do any marketing. 
  • Where to locate "Eager Buyers" you'll LOVE to work with & who won't blink at your prices.
  • How to create and price the PERFECT offer for your audience (the one that they're already WAITING for you to offer them!)
  • The #1 thing keeping purpose-driven entrepreneurs BROKE! (This single insight helped me breakthrough multiple 6-figures)
  • And SO much more!
Join me and other mompreneurs inside our private FB group for 3 days of live interactive trainings, and at the end of three days, you’ll have a crystal-clear picture of your unique value, who you serve, and how to package and price the offer your audience can’t wait to buy.

3-Day Mom to Self-Made Mom:

Here's Our Agenda:

DAY 1:  What do you want to do?    Clarifying your PASSION so you can tap into your inner knowledge, resources, and motivation.
DAY 2:  Who do you serve?  Identifying the perfect market that is ready and waiting for you to show up and step into your PURPOSE!
DAY 3:  How to package an authentic offer your audience will adore!   Once you know who you are and who needs you, the next step is to create products or services that your audience already wants, that will generate the PROFIT you desire and deserve!

This free online challenge is perfect for you if you are:

  • Wanting to create extra income for your family.
  • Trying to make a living on Etsy.
  • In a direct marketing company but just aren't making your goals. 
  • Wanting to turn your passion into a course.
  • Trying to start an E-Commerce store.
  • Wanting a business but not sure where to begin. 
Any MOM who is struggling to define themselves in an authentic and PROFITABLE way! 

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